Carshare Classes On Your Schedule

Every month the Carshare Academy holds live training classes via Zoom. We realize that it's often difficult to set aside the time to attend the live sessions, so we've created the Carshare Academy On Demand so you can learn all of the valuable information we provide, to build a successful business on the Turo platform, at your convenience. Simply purchase the class and learn at your own pace on your schedule!

On-Demand Classes Coming Soon

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Your Coaching Team

Lead Instructor

William Huffhine

William Huffhine is a veteran All-Star Power Host on the Turo platform since early 2018. He began with one vehicle and in 15 months built a fleet of 20 vehicles and is nearing a half-million dollars in earnings while maintaining a solid 5-star rating. William is also known for never having a denied claim with over 80 claims and two total losses. William is the founder and lead coach of the Carshare Academy which has helped over 100 new Turo hosts to date.