In addition to the learning content, your membership also includes the following resources.

  • Market Guide For Your City

    You'll receive a complete Market Guide for your city, providing you with an overview of your market dynamics, the Turo inventory in your city, the top brands and models by inventory count, the top ten recommended models backed by Turo data, average daily rates and earnings potential for each model, and the projected utilization by month.

  • 1-on-1 and Live Group Coaching

    You'll schedule a 60-minute call with your coach. Additionally, three times each year we spend 12-weeks together in a live group coaching session via Zoom every Wednesday evening at 8pm Eastern. We focus on a different Turo business topic each week and introduce you to other pro hosts around the country to learn from.

  • Library of File Downloads

    You'll download four PDF and two Excel files which will provide you with additional guidance in setting up and evaluating the performance of your Turo business. One of the files is our Business Plan Builder which will walk you step-by-step through building your Turo business plan. You'll also download a pre-built Profit and Loss Excel workbook to manage your monthly financials and a co-hosting agreement template to use if you chose to manage vehicles owned by other people.

Other Benefits

As a McLaren Member you'll also enjoy these additional benefits.

  • On-Call Coaching Via Whatsapp where you'll be connected with your coach to ask questions or seek guidance as situations arise.

  • 35-Point diagnostic and improvement plan for an underperforming vehicle.

  • 10% Benefit Boost at the ClaimShare Cooperative where damage claim deductibles are reimbursed.

  • Waived admin and discounted onboarding fees with our fleet management partners if you choose to earn truly passive income.

  • 10% discount on vehicle shipping with our transportation partner.

  • $100 onboard credit when you sail with us on the CarShare Nation cruise in October, 2023.

  • Invitation to join two private Facebook groups.

Your Lead Coach

Founder & Lead Coach

William Huffhine

The Carshare Academy was founded by veteran Turo host William Huffhine who built and managed a fleet of vehicles in the Detroit metro area, beginning in 2018. His Turo business was featured in publications such as the Detroit Free Press, Business Insider, and the Turo corporate blog. William became a "go to" person for the public relations team at Turo corporate when media assistance was needed to counter government and airport initiatives that would have done harm to the host community. William spent 30+ years in the corporate world serving in business development roles for most of the major print and digital media companies around the country, as well as a few smaller, locally owned companies. In the last decade of his career he served in senior level leadership positions before retiring to manage his Turo fleet and build other businesses. In addition to the four businesses William now owns that serve the CarShare host community, he also works as a Franchise Development Manager for the world's largest travel company. In this role he assists men and women with opening their own travel agency franchises.