Our 30-Day Journey

Over the next month we're going to walk with you every step of the way toward making sure a Turo business is right for you, that you are right for a Turo business, and that you have all of the information you need to get off to an amazing start. After you enroll, a new chapter will be available to you every three days over the next month, for a total of ten chapters.

  • Understanding the market dynamics of your city.

  • Understanding the Turo business model.

  • How to manage vehicle pricing for success.

  • Making sense of protection plans and the claims process.

  • Creating a business management routine.

  • Navigating the check-in process with your first guest.

  • How to do basic market analysis to choose the correct vehicles.

  • How to choose vehicles Turo will accept.

  • Correctly charging your guests additional post-trip fees.

  • Most common questions and answers

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter One - Is Your Market Right For Your Turo Business?

    • Evaluating Market Size and Health

    • Your Market Research

    • Testing Your Knowledge About Markets

  • 3

    Chapter Two - Learning The Turo Business

    • Learning The Turo Business

    • Join the Carshare Academy Facebook Group

    • Getting Started With Turo, Your New Business Partner

    • The Getting Started Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter Three - The Vehicles Turo Accepts

    • The Criteria For Acceptable Vehicles

    • Turo Terms of Service Regarding Acceptable Vehicles

    • The Acceptable Vehicle Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter Four: Conducting a Basic Market Analysis To Choose Your Vehicles

    • How To Perform a Basic Market Analysis

    • Two Tools For Starting Your Fleet

  • 6

    Chapter Five: Perfecting Vehicle Pricing

    • Perfecting Your Pricing Video

    • Determine The Average Price For The Vehicle You Want To Manage

    • I Can't Make a Profit With This Vehicle

  • 7

    Chapter Six: The Turo Protection Plans

    • The Turo Host and Guest Protection Plans

    • The Protection Plan Terms of Service

    • The Protection Plan Quiz

    • The Turo Protection Plan Calculator

    • Navigating The Claims Process

  • 8

    Chapter Seven: Preparing For Your First Trip

    • Preparing For Your First Trip Video

    • The Turo Terms of Service For Checking in a Guest

    • Providing Excellent Communication

  • 9

    Chapter Eight: Properly Charging Post-Trip Fees

    • Proper Processing of Post-Trip Fees

    • Reimbursement Terms of Service

    • Grey Market Transactions Terms of Service

  • 10

    Chapter Nine: Creating Your Business Routines

    • Three Things To Build Into Your Weekly Routine

    • Five Things To Build Into Your Monthly Routine

    • Seven Things To Do When Business Is Slow

  • 11

    Chapter Ten: Questions and Answers

    • Five Commonly Asked Questions

    • The Question and Answer Compilation

    • Booked For The Very First Time

  • 12

    Your Next Step

    • The New Host Launch Sequence

Your Coach

Founder & Lead Coach

William Huffhine

The Carshare Academy was founded by veteran Turo host William Huffhine who built and managed a fleet of vehicles in the Detroit metro area, beginning in 2018. His Turo business was featured in publications such as the Detroit Free Press, Business Insider, and the Turo corporate blog. William became a "go to" person for the public relations team at Turo corporate when media assistance was needed to counter government and airport initiatives that would have done harm to the host community. William spent 30+ years in the corporate world serving in business development roles for most of the major print and digital media companies around the country, as well as a few smaller, locally owned companies. In the last decade of his career he served in senior level leadership positions before retiring to manage his Turo fleet and build other businesses. In addition to the four businesses William now owns that serve the CarShare host community, he also works as a Franchise Development Manager for the world's largest travel company. In this role he assists men and women with opening their own travel agency franchises.